You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

The Mystery of Grimly Manor

Leira MacGregor is anxiously awaiting the arrival of two new families into her neighborhood. She is hoping desperately that someone will finally move in with children her own age. They may be able to help her to solve the mystery of Grimly Manor. The spooky manor, which was built long ago, has an ancient cemetery behind it. According to whisperings, there is a scary old man who lives there, but no one has seen him except on Halloween. Candles flicker in the night, and on holidays, decorations appear around the manor like magic.

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An Adventure In Arizona

Leira and her new best friends Addy and Skye are thrilled when Leira’s Mom, Mrs. MacGregor invites them to Arizona to visit her sister for winter school vacation. Skye has never flown on an airplane and Addy has never stayed at a hotel. But that’s only the beginning of the adventure. In Arizona, the girls are invited to spend three nights in the mountains camping with Leira’s eighteen-year-old cousin Luke who’s an eagle scout. The adventure brings them in contact with Indian lore, reptiles, animals and much more. But the trip turns into a nightmare when the group is confronted with mysterious happenings and a tragic accident finds them in mortal danger!

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